My Illustration and Picture Book Journey so far

After many years of working mainly in digital design and with my sketch book gathering dust I decided to get back to the drawing board and step away from the computer.  In 2017 I completed the Write and Illustrate a Childrens Picture Book course.  As part of the course myself and 36 other illustrators  displayed some work in an exhibition called Wonder in Filmbase, Temple Bar, Dublin.

Having the exhibition in such a vibrant part of town and with so many amazing illustrators was a really brilliant experience.  I really enjoyed the course as it opened my eyes again to seeing and drawing.  I got familiar with loads of different types of materials and developed the style and direction I wanted to progress in.  I absolutely love Children’s illustrations, writing and Picture books.  I’ve build up quite the collection and continue to discover so many amazing Illustrators and writes all the time.

Dublin is really buzzing with great events and training’s to help and inspire illustrators and writers.

Follow below for info on Events/Training’s:
Shorter Courses:
If you didn’t have the time to commit to a longer term course there are some amazing short term options.  I did 2 weekend courses with Sarah Walsh and Chris Judge.  I recommend following them on twitter to keep up to date on their training’s and books.
CBI Conference: This is on in September, I’ve been two times so far and loved it.  It always has a really great variety of writers and Illustrators from loads of different areas.

My next stop is The Children’s Book Fair Bologna next week running April 1st – 4th.  I will be writing a blog up here all about my trip and about my first experience at the fair.